Services We Provide

For the Formal institutes and individual teachers:

You can teach anything.

Help your students build a deep and solid understanding through blended learning. With blended learning, you can visualize and track each student's progress. This process can make it easier to identify signs of a student struggling or educational strengths and act upon them accordingly.

With the help of EdexB, teachers can have access to a wide array of services:
  • Design Course Syllabus
  • Devise the exact syllabus area
  • Develop relevant syllabus lead
  • Layout the required syllabus components
  • Avail content creation and sharing services
  • Option to upload lessons on the website
  • Enable file sharing system for ease of content communication
  • Interactive participation
    • Active discussion with the students through the discussion forum
  • Add private or public courses to the website
    • Private course: The students can access the courses only through the private code provided by the teacher
  • Public course: The courses are open to all, without the need for any preliminary code requirement
  • Take online exams with customizable format (mcq/written) for ease of use
  • stop from copy pasting question body text while taking an exam….
  • control exam time structure: full time, question time,
  • Get prompt exam scores of each individual student (mcq exam)
  • Enable the option for students to take improvement exams if they fail to pass the course
  • Upload lesson plans and documents in the website for the students to access
  • Notify the students through the notice board option
  • Track each student’s progress through the EdexB’s analytics feature
  • Take online attendance of students and keep record

For the students, learning through EdexB can help them:
  • Receive instant notifications from the teacher through the noticeboard
  • Divulge in academic discussion with peers in the discussion panel
  • Give online exams with set parameters and a live timer to keep track of their progress
  • View their scores and check the answers and origin of the exam questions at the discretion of the teacher
  • Get the opportunity to give improvement exams if their scores are not up to the mark
  • Monitor their score progress through the analytics feature
  • Obtain helpful lessons and documents from the teachers for further learning

For Recruitment Firms:

Transform your Talent.

By making use of EdexB’s website, recruitment firms can assess the upcoming employees’ skills and aptitude levels. With the help of EdexB, firms can use the following features:
  • Job Description:
    • With the help of this feature, the firms can create job opportunities. The employees will be benefited from the ease of use.
  • Competency:
    • Competency levels of the candidates can be examined through the use of our software for a better assessment. Without any hassle of physically grading the papers, the firms will get prompt results.
  • Exams:
    • Firms can also take online exams to better evaluate the potential candidates. Rather than wasting resources on physical exam halls, firs can benefit from taking the exams online.
  • Candidate List:
    • The list will be available on the website for them to view at the discretion of the firm.
  • Notice Board:
    • The candidates will be notified promptly through the notice board feature of the website.

For professional Degree:

Take the next step toward your professional goals.

Join EdexB on an incredible and enlightening journey towards achieving your professional degree.

The website allows learners to plan for the ever-evolving future of work. Our advanced software gives the power to corporations, governments, and nonprofits to build in-house knowledge and meet the appetite for learning and advancement of employees.